CRM Add On Products

Dynamics CRM Add-On Products

Easy-To-Use Marketing Solution

ClickDimensions provides marketers the functionality to easily create dynamic emails, web forms, surveys, nurture campaigns and more.  All of this can be by using the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Built into Dynamics CRM

ClickDimensions is fully embedded in Microsoft CRM – features are accessed through the CRM interface and data is stored in your CRM database.

Marketers are able to view the statistics of all content sent through to Leads and Customers.


The Scribe Online Integration Service easily assists with a wide range of integration tasks.


These tasks could consist of loading text files to real-time data synchronization across multiple solutions or migrate data from Dynamics CRM On Premise to CRM Online.


Scribe Insight is comprised of three core components: the Workbench, Integration Server, and the Console. Together these components allow you to design, schedule, and manage integration tasks centrally with ease and efficiency.


Combined with Adapters and Templates, Scribe Insight’s core components give you a visual design and management environment to handle almost any integration task.

Document Core Pack is a solution that provides fast and easy document creation based on Dynamics CRM data.  MS Word-templates are used to produce professional looking documents.


The Server and/or Client based document generation provides users with a set of tools used to create and process documents inside CRM.

CWR Mobile CRM is the best-in-class mobility solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It makes field sales, service and marketing professionals more efficient and effective.


It puts your teams closer to customers and keeps them there. With powerful features for users, unique benefits for IT and unparalleled value for management, it’s the only mobile solution that truly meets the needs of today’s agile, customer-centric company.

IPM is a next generation Project Management Software suite that provides a scalable solution with all the functionality needed to meet the requirements of today’s busy project manager.


Presented through Microsoft Outlook and seamlessly integrating mail and calendar services with day to day operations, IPM puts project management squarely where project staff spend most of their time.