Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery (DR)

How important is your computer system to the operations of your business? Can your business survive without access to the data on your computers and servers? If your computer system is down, can you survive for 3 hours, 3 days or maybe more with out it? If you answered “YES” then ask yourself how long can your business survive without your IT?

Businesses are relying more and more on their computer systems, the cost of loss in productivity and opportunity loss could add up to thousands of dollars per hour.

Two important factors to consider with your DR:

Recovery Point Objectives

The RPO is the point in time where the system can be restored with minimal acceptable loss of data to the business.

For example, can your business afford to loss data and restore back to last night’s backup?. If so, it means that you would be required to re-process all data that was processed since then as well as having to catch up on your processing since the loss. This would usually put you back on average, 2 days work.

In today’s environment, this is unacceptable for most businesses. DR Solutions available today can minimise loss of data by providing continual data protection.

Contact Adaptable Consulting if you feel that your RPO is unacceptable.

Recovery Time Objectives

In Simple terms RTO is the maximum time the system can be down before affecting the business.

What is the cost to your business if your system is unavailable?